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Al Gore VS Climate-risk [May. 7th, 2009|06:56 pm]
Everyone Can Help Planet Making His Office Blue


Al Gore (бывший вице-президент США) в своем твиттере много внимания уделяет проблемам климата:

Climate Risk March 30, 2009 : 11:40 AM

Two weeks ago the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ruled insurance companies must now submit annual "climate-risk" reports.

"The officials acted after concluding that climate change threatens insurers in two ways. It increases the risk of extreme weather events such as floods and wildfires, which would boost claims. And it is prompting governments to cap industrial carbon emissions that contribute to global warming -- a move threatens the profits of companies such as coal-fired utilities in which insurers commonly invest."

This is just more evidence of the immediate need to solve the climate crisis, not only because of its effect on the planet, but on business as well.

Green Recovery March 12, 2009 : 6:11 PM

Economists Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern published an excellent article last week in the Financial Times I wanted to share with you.

In the piece they make the extremely poignant observation that,

"We will eventually emerge from the financial crisis, although mistakes in management can affect its depth and duration. However, mistakes in managing the risks of the climate crisis may be irreversible."