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postcards for ecology [Jul. 7th, 2009|11:29 pm]
Everyone Can Help Planet Making His Office Blue


Казалось бы, что может быть экологичнее, чем обычные почтовые открытки, которые существовали еще до наступления эпохи нефти, массовой вырубки лесов и электричества не только в вилке, но и в ложке?
Ан нет. Не тут-то было.
Посткроссеры тоже придумали десяток простеньких и наивных советов, как спасти природу, занимаясь любимым делом.

Over the time, we have listened to some users' concerns about Postcrossing's ecological footprint. From operating the servers that host this project to sending postcards or other items through mail, precious resources like paper and oil are used and CO2 is produced.
As you know, CO2 emissions added into the atmosphere contribute to climate change.

So how can you help to make Postcrossing a greener hobbie? Here are a few tips from the forum:

1. Choose recycled postcards or postcards made with fiber that comes from sustainable forests. For instance, FSC certified postcards.
2. Reuse/Recycle enveloppes (it can be fun!)
3. Use enveloppes/writing pads made of 100% recycled paper without bleaching products.
4. Use your feet or bike to bring your mail to the postoffice
5. Do your writing during daylight or outside and safe indirectly on energy by using daylight.
6. When soaking off your stamps, do them all together in one time and reuse the water as much as possible.
7. Use refillable pens/highlighters and so on to write.
8. Print on both sides of the paper or reuse old courses and so on to print things for personal use.
9. When wraping things, reuse old paper to wrap them in. Be creative, you can use old maps or newspapers for instance.
10. Get our electricity for our computer from a company that provides it using green sources such as windmills, solar energy, hydro energy, etc, when available.
11. Support an environmental NGO/organisation such as Climate care, WWF, Greenpeace etc.